davey lighting

Owning a designer light from Davey Lighting is like owning your own little piece of history. It’s not easy to find another designer brand that offers so much in the way of authenticity, history and exquisite craftsmanship. Founded in London by Arthur Christopher Davey in 1885, Davey Lighting started out by manufacturing contemporary lights for ships and dockyards where some their earlier works decorated the decks of the Titanic.

From the ceilings of hotels like the Savoy in London to ceilings in your home or favourite bistro, Davey Lighting’s designs are suitable for a range of interiors and have a distinct style that really sets them apart from other designers. As an iconic brand and highly respected UK manufacturer, Davey Lighting is well known in the industry for its use of premium materials and incredibly, makes all of its components by hand according to time-honoured traditions. 

Today, Davey Lighting is owned by the Original BTC Group, who still today insists, that the old craftmanship is honoured, and they produce their products using the same methods, as Mr. Davey did back in the beginning.


Davey Lighting is represented by Unibrand Design Solutions

  • Founded in 1885 by Arthur Christopher Davey 
  • The company is owned by Original BTC and based in Oxford, outside London, UK
  • Everything is produced using authentic methods in their own factories.
  • Davey Lighting offer designers to modify and create custom products along with the BTC design team.

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